January 19, 2019

Kicking the Blot Tires

Can I…

Can I easily create posts from my iPhone or iPad as well as from a computer? If no, this thing isn’t going to happen. There are several options for creating posts for specific dates; folders names with the dates in a few different formats, metadata text in the post file, file names, or even doing nothing and using the file date. Having those options is nice but if I use a combinations of all of those, the source repo will look like a jumbled mess (to me only) so I should probably choose one and stick to it.

Can I use Working Copy for the entire process?

Can I use Ulysses for writing and export the markdown files straight into Working Copy in a format that will just work”?

Can I add photos to posts without too much trouble? Here’s a random photo from the corner of Tryon & 4th yesterday morning.

Can I edit this template into something a little better suited for the high honor of presenting my content personal brand blog?

Will I…

Will I actually do any of this? That is the real question.

I realized a few days ago that I didn’t post a single blog post here after losing my desire to work with Squarespace. I did post a few to the sirshannon microblog, which cross posts to twitter and Mastodon.

I posted a lot of pics to Instagram but, like my twitter posts, those are deleted after a while. Twitter posts last a fortnight before being automatically deleted. I keep 9 pics on Instagram and delete one each time I post one. However, I recently gave up on the shitty Instagram app slowing it’s acceleration toward Facebook-level annoyance. I deleted the Instagram app once again, for now. Wake me when it’s good.

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