July 14, 2017

R.I.P. Tremont Music Hall

 Tremont Music Hall 2017.07.12 Tremont Music Hall 2017.07.12 Tremont Music Hall 2017.07.12

Another Charlotte cornerstone crumbles under the heel of progress. If there were suitable replacements, losing these venues wouldn’t hurt so much.  

An abbreviated list of bands/acts I saw at Tremont Music Hall:

GWAR, The BBQ Grills, Rosewater Elisabeth, Bur Monter, Doug Stanhope, 14 Feet Wide, 5 Times Down, Pigface, Legendary Pink Dots, Whitechapel, Sparta, mewithoutyou, Fugazi, The Monorchid, The Make-Up, Etheric, Liquid Sex Decay

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