January 16, 2019

sirshannon v10

The Blottening

Wherein the Squarespace blog is exported (which includes the wordpress blog posts that were exported) and imported into a new Blot site.

Blot lets me create posts via markdown and push via git, that’s basically all I need. It was easy to set up, including some node code that created posts from my exported Squarespace posts xml file. It was node and wasn’t really documented, which was a small bit of pain that can be easily fixed for future users (hey, I even filed an issue for it). The larger pain was that the last time I installed node it was on version 0.something so that was an hour of chasing my tail, uninstalling and reinstalling dependencies. Not bad at all, really. One hour is less than the time it takes to fix any issue I have with fastlane’s dependencies so I consider tonight to be a huge win.

So it looks like Blot will be my new blog host instead of the Web Product” macOS-based static site generator I was working on for a hot minute during the Summer. I’ll keep sirshannon.com at Squarespace for now and use it as a landing page that links to the various other sites. Squarespace has a good enough page creation functionality for me. For now. Maybe. We’ll see.

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